removing carpet wrinkles

Carpet Wrinkle

Removing carpet wrinkles is a carpet repair that is not really easy to do once it has become noticeable. Carpet wrinkles usually form because the carpet was not stretched into place properly by the installer. Once carpet wrinkles have formed, the dimensional stability of the attached backing system can be compromised. Re-stretching may help if caught early enough, but most of the time they become more difficult to remove as time goes on.

Usually carpet wrinkles go just in one direction. Installers may be able to detach carpet from the wall or open a seam, trim and re-install to fix the problem. Some times seams peak  causing a wrinkle. Again this is usually related to the installation.

Carpet wrinkles can also be an issue related to carpet padding, delamination , sub floor imperfections or water damage . In general make sure during installation your installer removes all furniture, properly installs tack strip and uses a power stretcher  so the room carpet feels drum tight. Also before a year has passed report the problem. After that, it may become your problem.

According to the Carpet & Rug Institute all stretch-in carpet installations should be installed using a power stretcher. Every so often a manufacturers defect is identified which causes delamination and dimensional instability, however it is not the norm.  ( Note: Professionals who use hot water to clean synthetic carpets will not cause wrinkles. Nylon, Polyester & Olefin carpet that is made on a tufting machine does not shrink or stretch if properly installed. Always follow manufacturers cleaning guidelines for both woven rugs and manufactured carpets)