Stripping & Waxing Floors

Stripping & waxing floors is no easy task. Many commercial buildings have VCT or Vinyl Composite Tiles in behind the scenes work areas, common high traffic hallways or offices that require quick clean up (doctors offices). Doing the job right takes time, experience, the right equipment and of course the right amount of finish.

Stripping Waxing floors
Stripping & Waxing Floors

Too often one important step is left out and the whole job has to be done again. Stripping and waxing floors requires procedures that sometimes you have to customize. Control of the job from start to finish is mandatory.

Safety protocols are of utmost importance. One slip and fall can ruin any profitability and cause increases in your insurance premiums. Using wet floor signs and caution tape to section off work areas is a must.

Most of the time 2 to 3 efficient, experienced stripping & waxing professionals can take care of 2 to 5 thousand square foot a night. Costs to do this can range from 40 cents sq/ft to $1.50 sq/ft depending on the type of finish, the condition of the floor, the time that it needs to get done and the amount of sq/ft needed to be restored.

It makes sense to go with an established business with plenty of pictures and referrals. Call Eco Interior Maintenance for your FREE quote today!

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