Stripping & Waxing Floors

Stripping and Waxing floors and how much it costs?

Many commercial buildings have VCT or Vinyl Composite Tiles in high traffic or heavy use areas. Shoe scuffs, rubber wheels and spills create the need for stripping and waxing floors. The use dictates the cleaning frequency. For instance, an entrance hallway or mail room may need to be mopped daily and a computer cleanroom may only need to be cleaned every 2 weeks. Poor cleaning frequency specifications and mopping procedures, over time, will create the need for the VCT to be restored.

Doing the job correctly takes time, experience, the right equipment and of course the right floor finish.

Preperations include:

Stripping Waxing floors
Stripping & Waxing Floors
  • Prepping the area.
  • Removing existing finish
  • Rincing & Neutralizing the floor
  • Sweeping away any debris
  • Applying finishes properly

Quite often an important step is left out, resulting in the need to redue the whole job. For instance, stripping and waxing floors require through sweeping, vavuuming and drying procedures between steps. One piece of hair, tape or foriegn object can create an ugly focal point. Control of the job from start to finish is mandatory.

Saftey signs to protect from slip and falls.

Safety protocols are of utmost importance. One slip and fall can ruin the profitability of any VCT strip & wax job.. causing an increases in your insurance premiums. Using wet floor signs and caution tape to section off work areas is a must. Carefully thought out time management and scheduling will save you headaches and money.

The Cost of Stripping and Waxing VCT Floors

Most of the time 2 to 3 efficient, experienced strip & wax professionals can take care of 2 to 5 thousand square foot a night. The Cost to do this ranges from 40 cents sq/ft to $2.25 sq/ft. This cost is affected by the type of finish, the condition of the floor, the time that it gets done and the amount of space that needs to be restored.

How often do you need to strip and wax VCT?

Commercial kitchens, entrance & access hallways and cafeterias may need more frequent restorations however every 6-18 months would be normal. Proper moping procedures and maintenance with a 175 rpm swing buffing machine will extend stripping and waxing intervals.

It makes sense to strip and wax VCT with an established business. Ask for pictures and referrals. Call Eco Interior Maintenance for your FREE quote today!

Strip and Wax Floors

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