Rubber & Cork Floor Maintenance

Cork Flooring
Rubber & Cork floor maintenance is often necessary after use in commercial kitchens and break rooms.

Because of the way rubber & cork floor coverings are sold, many end users think that sustainable, recycled or natural is synonymous to low or no maintenance. Fact is...Every floor covering that is installed needs maintenance. The key is.... Do it right the first time and protect it right from the start!

ECO has all of the right answers when it comes down to specialty floor maintenance. When manufactures want their rubber & cork protected right the first time, they call ECO. No matter what type of flooring surface has been specified you can trust we have the right maintenance solution for you.

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Rubber Flooring


Rubber floors are derived from the sap of a rubber plant or from recycled salvaged materials. Manufacturing techniques vary. Specialty maintenance products and procedures are recommended.

For instance, a nora® floor coverings are made of high-quality natural and industrial rubbers. They are mixed with minerals from natural sources and other components, such as environmentally compatible color pigments, pulled into blanks, pressed and then vulcanized under heat and high pressure

Rubber flooring is strong, tough, and resilient against a variety of conditions however harsh cleaning agents or poor maintenance can ugly out its durability and appearance. Sealers are sometimes recommended to protect rubber floor surface. see Ecore floors.

Cork Flooring

Although cork is durable, be prepared to put in some maintenance. Crumbs and dirt can scar its surface over time, so don’t go more than a week without sweeping or vacuuming. Cork also needs to be re-sealed with protective coats of polyurethane every few years. Alternatively, you can seal it with wax, which is less likely to scratch but must be stripped and reapplied more frequently. Some cork flooring comes pre-finished, although it still will need periodic doctoring to keep it in shape.

Some interesting facts about cork:

  • Every 9 years the bark of the cork tree is harvested. This does not kill the tree.
  • Cork flooring is made out of recycled wine stoppers.
  • Cork reduces vibration, acting as a sound insulator.
  • Cork provides excellent resistance to bugs, mold, and fire.
  • Specialty maintenance products are recommended for cork floors.

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