Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning

tile grout cleaning

Commercial tile & grout requires special care.

We have all walked into a restroom needing tile & grout cleaning that smells like a monkey cage.  This is usually caused by poor maintenance of the tile floor. A professionally maintained tile & grout floor requires a customized plan that includes proper;

  • training
  • equipment & tools
  • cleaning solutions
  • and professional expertise

Soil, oils, detergents and floor finishes get trapped on tiles and in the grout causing unhealthy bio-films to build up on locker room and restroom floors. These bio-films can be breading grounds for odor causing bacteria.

Locker rooms and bathrooms are typically cleaned using detergent-disinfectants. These tile & grout cleaning agents can sometimes be over used or specified incorrectly causing a residual build or damage to the floor.  Steam, mechanical agitation, pressure and aggressive cleaning solutions are often required to remove build-up. Knowing how to apply restorative tile & grout cleaning agents safely, efficiently and effectively takes years of practice.

Fresh mops and frequently changed out mop water is absolutely necessary. Mucky mop water adds to tile surface soiling and grout degradation. Unsealed grout can be porous enough to soak up cleaning chemicals, causing premature damage to the grout. No matter if you are performing tile & grout cleaning daily or doing maintenance restorations, time consuming final rinses are essential to maintaining clean healthy commercial bathrooms and locker rooms.

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tile grout cleaningtile grout cleaning tile & grout cleaning

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