Carpet Cleaning Tips

What to do when the unexpected happens?…..

Many spots can become permanent stains if proper spot removal procedures are not followed. When clients say, “We tried everything to get the spot out”, it is often too late.

Here are some troubleshooting carpet cleaning tips for you:

Hot coffee on carpet.
Tip: Time is of the essence. Use an absorbent powder to soak up the spill or place a terry towel over it with a weighted object on top. If a stain remains after drying, call us so we can treat it with a reducing agent.
Problem: Toner ink from photocopier on carpet.
Tip: Vacuum thoroughly. If any spots or stains remain, call us for an extraction cleaning.
Problem: Red wine on carpet.
Tip: Use a terry cloth towel to absorb the excess.** (Use of 3:1 mixture of drugstore 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and Rubbing Alcohol) Apply and let sit for at least 24 hrs..Then try again until spot lightens)
Problem: Construction tar on the carpet.
Tip: Use a gel type spot remover. If necessary, arrange for a professional extraction cleaning.
Problem: Blood on carpet.
Tip: Use rubber gloves and rinse the area with clean water. Dry with a terry cloth towel. If blood stains remain, call us for treatment with a protein spotter.
Problem: Carpet is fraying at the seams and gets stuck in the vacuum.
Tip: Clip the fibers with scissors and seal the seams to prevent unraveling of the carpet pile. If the problem persists, give us a call so that we can inspect the areas for possible installation issues.
Problem: Dark line on the carpet due to dragging of heavy furniture.
Tip: Olefin fiber carpets can suffer from permanent burn marks. We can do extraction and pile lifting to see if the mark is permanent. We recommend not dragging furniture across carpet.
Problem: Bleach on carpet, leaving bleach marks.
Tip: This is permanent color loss. Spot dying may help conceal bleach marks in some instances. Instruct cleaners not to use any products containing bleach.

For more tips you can go to or visit our other page on spot cleaning and tips for stains.

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