spot on carpet

Sometimes people try to clean spot on carpet that just can not be removed. Recently I was asked to go inspect a spot that no cleaner had been able to remove. Typically this means that the cleaning process performed by the owner of the carpet or the facilities department did not work. Many times multiple cleaning solutions and methods are used that can either set dyes or distort the carpet.

In this case it was something different. Nothing was going to work to clean this spot out because it was not a stain, spot or spill. Take a close look at the picture to the right. What do you see? Take a look at the door. It has a brass kick plate and door push. Now look at the light sourse in the picture to the left. The light is shining off the brass push plate and kick plate. You will never clean a reflection out of the carpet.

Here is another picture below of how it looks from the other direction below:

In this particular case. The condo board member said excessive adhesive under the carpet was coming through. The property manager was complaining about the cleaning job. The cleaner wasted alot of time and could have caused damage to the fibers tring to get it out and the retailer was brought in to look at a manufactures defect who asked, “Who spilled the bleach?”

Morale of the story: Before you try to clean a spot on carpet out, look for shadows and light reflections first. Stand in the way, turn off or cover up light sourses. Often you will be amazed at what just disappears, or what was never even there in the first place.

** see some common questions on how to remove spots from carpet The Carpet & Rug Institute is another resourses: See




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