6 Benefits of Cleaning VCT

There are at least 6 benefits of cleaning VCT or vinyl composite tiles in commercial buildings. To enjoy these benefits, a professional cleaner must evaluate the floors condition and develope a cleaning or restoration plan. Good communication between the facility managers, occupants and the cleaning company is required to start and complete the job safely. For instance, you should plan the job during times when occupants are less likely to be present. In addition, tape-off, block-off and put wet floor signs down in entranceways and connecting hallways to kke people off of the floor. This helps to prevent slip and fall accidents.

6 benefits of Cleaning VCT

Here are six benefits of cleaning VCT professionally.

  1. It enhanses the overall appearance of your workplace.
  2. It improves the indoor air quality of your work space.
  3. Makes it easier to maintain and harder to damage.
  4. It saves time and money if it is done right the first time.
  5. It can reduces sick leave in your building.
  6. It improves employee morale and job performance.

How do you clean VCT in commercial buildings?

The initial preperation procedures usually begin with the removal or protection of baseboards and furnishings. This is followed by sweeping, vacuuming, stripping and waxing. Professional VCT cleaning and restoration always requires a strict set of :

  • procedures
  • patience
  • expertise
  • equipment and
  • the right final finishes.

There are usually 3-6 coats of finish applied after the floor is stripped. The drying time and floor preperation between coats is very important. Conditions must be controlled during the finish application. Once the VCT floor cleaning is finished there should be at least 24 hour curing time before its use.

To experience the 6 benefits of cleaning VCT by a vendor you can trust call ECO Interior Maintenance. 33 years experience. We will clean & restore any size commercial VCT floor. Free Estimate today.  Satisfaction Guaranteed. 301-261-1966, helpdesk@eco-im.com


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