Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

If you have been looking for a commercial upholstery cleaning specialists to clean your fine fabric furnishings ...look no further!

When it comes to commercial upholstery cleaning our knowledge and experience in removing the following is second to none!

  • Coffee, food, and wine stain
  • Blood, urine, and bio-pollutants
  • Unknown origin spots & stains
  • Odors embedded in upholstery
  • Leather cracks and soil buildup
  • Black spots & smudges on workstations

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When you are looking to hire an office furniture cleaning company…You need to be assured the technicians are professionals you can trust!! ECO has over 30 years of experience and is an “IICRC Certified firm”.  We were environmentally friendly before it was politically correct and finally, we are intimately familiar with the IICRC S300 Upholstery Cleaning Standard.

  • Hand Dry Shampoo of Upholstery
  • Extraction Rinse Cleaning
  • On-site Dry Cleaning
  • Fabricated Wall Coverings
  • Haitian Cottons, Velour, Cars, Yachts
  • Leather
  • Cubicles and Work Stations
  • Conference room dividers
Servicing the DC/Baltimore/Annapolis/Northern Virginia Areas.

**Note: Some stains may be permanent due to use of multiple cleaning agents (pH variations) prior to professional cleaning inspection and treatment.

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