Cleaning LVT

Cleaning LVT
Damaged LVT with Joints not staggered properly


Who said that cleaning LVT was easy?

Cleaning LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile can be a challenge. Many cleaning contractors often struggle to maintain it. LVT  is becoming a popular specification by designers and retailers for flooring in homes or offices. Often it is sold to the end user as a “low” or “no” maintenance floor. Truth is all flooring systems need maintenance.

Soil can build up and cause irreversible damage to the wear layer (the top protective layer of the LVT). Furniture legs and tables that are dragged over the surface can cause scratches that can not be removed or easily repaired. It makes sense to make sure the bottom of furniture legs have felt or smooth plastic tabs.

When LVT planks first arrived many manufacturers did not recommend the use of any aftermarket finishes. Today most manufactures recommend specific products that can be used to clean and protect their floors. Maintaining LVT does not have to be expensive.  Typically it will require more than just a mop and a bucket.

Flooring has to be properly specified. The color, type of material and the type of finishes play a part in its use life . If you can not apply a durable protective finish to resilient flooring the end result may be early replacement.

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