Saving Energy Carpet Cleaning Tips:

Tips from the Expert on Saving Energy when Cleaning Carpet:

Everyone is concerned about efficient and effective cleaning practices. Sustainable carpet cleaning requires knowing what works best to remove maximum soil, using tested, eco-friendly equipment and solutions. Below are ways to reduce and save energy when cleaning carpet and some common myths that accompany them.

Reducing and Saving Energy
  1. Vacuuming removes up to 89% of all dry soil in the carpet. Vacuuming alone can reduce the energy needed to remove embedded soil in poorly maintained carpet.
  2. Properly trained professional cleaning technicians will lead to more efficient and effective carpet cleaning.
  3. Properly specify cleaning systems for the job. Choosing the wrong system can result in an increase in intensity which increases energy usage.
  4. Use of low moisture cleaning systems can reduce energy but also may reduce cleaning effectiveness.
Clean Carpet
  1. Vacuuming once again removes up to 89% of all dry soil in the carpet. Vacuuming alone can reduce the energy needed to remove embedded soil in poorly maintained carpet.
  2. Use of hot water can increase energy but also increases cleaning effectiveness. Rinsing using hot water is a restorative way to clean. Rinsing the contaminates from carpet, done properly, is the most efficient and effective way to clean. Simply.. Heat + Water + Trained technician+ Properly instituted cleaning system will reduce energy.
  3. Properly specifying a cleaning system for the job can increase the performance of the carpet, protect warranties and lower replacement capital expenditures.
  4. Proper specification of the frequency of cleaning will increase the performance and reduce overall energy consumption.
  1. The reduction of the use of potable water is good for cleaning. False. Using water and air flow throughout history has been how we rinse contaminants out of textiles and off of hard surfaces. Proper management of water use is responsible.
  2. The reduction of the use of water is green. Maybe true! but when applied to carpet cleaning effectiveness it is surely not true.
  3. Hot water is not green. Not true! Hot water enhances the effectiveness of cleaning agents when used to extract or rinse contaminates out of the carpet.  Gold CRI approved extractors can remove up to 85% of the soil compared to 55% commonly seen in low moisture cleaning systems.  See
  4. Although dry cleaning compounds are very effective for some types of cleaning they are interim low moisture cleaning systems. They are not totally DRY. They are also most commonly referred to as interim or appearance cleaning processes instead of restorative or corrective cleaning processes. Test for yourself.

Proper specification of cleaning procedures and methods will save energy and time. Building owners and managers substantially decrease their costs and energy by instituting a carpet/stone or detail cleaning program with frequencies that are consistent with the usage or traffic loads. 

Remember…Vacuuming is the only true dry and green soil extraction cleaning method. The success of a carpet cleaning energy reduction program begins with budgeting properly and choosing the right maintenance program.

Clean is Green!

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