How much does it cost to professionally clean residential carpet?

What does it cost to clean residential carpet professionally?

There are so many ways that companies come up with a cost to clean residential carpet. Unfortunately not all of them are totally up front from the beginning about what there price includes. Carpet cleaning consumers must be aware of the differences. Here are a few of the ways consumers are quoted a one time residential carpet cleaning cost.

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  • over the phone price quote per room or area (LR,DR,Stairs,BR,Basement,etc)
  • over the phone price quote per square feet (Example: 2,000 sq/ft x .25 = $500.00)
  • On location inspection visit followed by price quote
  • or even today in an online quote

All of us are professional consumers so we need to ask good questions when choosing a company. Especially if the company is quoting sight unseen. There are many variables that are associated with doing the best carpet cleaning job the first time. Here are just a few that may influence a price quote

  • training and experience of the cleaner
  • type of equipment and cleaning solutions being used
  • condition and age of the carpet being cleaned
  • color and type of fiber of the carpet
  • are there odors present

Price quotes that are often associated with $99 specials often can be misleading. This may just be a minimum charge. Many time there are up charges to get spots out or pre-treat and scrub high traffic areas. By this time it may be to late and you may have to pay the piper to savor valuable free time.cost to clean residential carpet

So what should you expect from a reputable company?

No matter if you are quoted on the phone or visited in person here are a list of things that should be done as part of the service:

  • pre-vacuum as necessary (many times consumer will do this)
  • pretreat high traffic areas for normal soiling
  • pretreat and remove typical spots
  • clean using high performance carpet cleaning equipment
  • dry carpet in less than 8 hrs ( *just because they say it is a dry cleaning method does not mean it will be cleaner)

These additional charges are typically acceptable:

  1. Scotchguard®/Teflon®/stain protection =Typically 25-50% of cost of cleaning
  2. Pet Odor Removal = Cost can vary depending on severity of odor and damage to carpet,pad and/or subfloor.
  3. Wine & Fruit Juice Stains = $5-25 extra
  4. Carpet Repairs = $75 per hr depending on region of country

So before you begin to search for the best price ask yourself what am I really trying to achieve, Clean,Healthy carpet or a cheap price? You will usually get what you paid for. Look for cleaning companies that are IICRC, ICRA, RIA or CRI SOA Certified Firms. Here is a general guide for a one time cost to professionally clean residential carpet across the country.






Great Lakes

South- East




(1 time)


$40-$75 per area

.20-.40 sf

$40-$80 per area


$40-$65per area


$40-$75per area

.20-.40 sf

$40-$75per area

.20-.35 sf

$40-$55per area


$40-$95per area

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