The Best Carpet Cleaning Method

What's the Best Carpet Cleaning Method for you!  Commercial or Residential? ECO has done all of the homework for you!

ECO's founder spent over 10 years chairing the revision of the latest International Carpet cleaning Standard (ANSI/IICRC S100 Standard for Professional Cleaning of Textile Floor Covering) to find the best carpet cleaning method. In Addition, he was involved as a committee member writing the latest Carpet and Rug Institutes Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning Standards. These associations help assure our customers that our experienced cleaning professionals will exceed all expectations.

the best carpet cleaning method

The best carpet cleaning method should include the use of a combination of equipment, cleaning solutions and procedures. ECO preserves the carpet warranty by following recommended manufacturers' cleaning guidelines. Companies limiting themselves to only 1 carpet cleaning method may not be able to achieve the appearance levels you expect.

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There are many variables associated with cleaning the carpet correctly the first time. We need to know.

  • When was the last time your carpets were cleaned?
  • How old is the carpet?
  • Are traffic areas matted or crushed?
  • What is the source of the spot or stain?
  • Do odors exist in the carpet?
  • Does the carpet need to be repaired or stretched?

"Experienced professional carpet cleaners often develop a system of cleaning using multiple methods or a combination of methods to achieve the most desired results."

The Objective is simple: There are 4 main reasons you want to keep the dirt out of your carpet.

  1. Clean & Healthy Appearance100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  2. Removal of Contaminates (etc: Harmful microbes, Dander or Soil)
  3. Safe & Environmentally Friendly for People/Pets
  4. Preservation of the warranty

Let the "ECO Team" show you how good we are. We guarantee our work.

What is our recommended carpet cleaning method/system?

We do not limit ourselves to 1 cleaning method or system. Depending on the cleaning objective we may use combinations of multiple methods customizing a cleaning system that best meets your needs. (see methods & systems described below) However…

In General

One Time

Heavily soiled carpet, carpets that have been subjected to sick animals or people or carpet that is cleaned less than 1 time per year, most likely requires a deep restorative cleaning (pre-vacuum, spot & pre-treat traffic areas followed by a hot water extraction rinse). When professionally done, the use of the hot water extraction carpet cleaning system will rinse your carpet free of soil, oils, food spills, most pet accidents*, air pollutants & most microbial activity. This system is eco-friendly, healthy & safe on almost all carpet. Plus it is what the testing by The Carpet & Rug Institute concluded.

*Some pet accidents or microbial activity may require specialized cleaning solutions and treatments

Maintenance Program (Usually Commercial)

  • Preventative Maintenance: Properly placed walk-off mats inside and outside entrances and break rooms
  • Routine Maintenance: Daily Vacuuming & Spot removal (see
  • Interim Maintenance: Monthly/Quarterly Encapsulation (Counter rotational brush), Dry Compound or Oscillating pad for appearance management.
  • Restorative Cleaning: Once or twice a year/as needed hot water extraction (Rinse)
*Commercial cleaning frequencies using a combination of multiple cleaning methods and systems make up a customized carpet maintenance program.
Note: Professional cleaners can control residual moisture, drying is a part of cleaning. Hire a professional and your carpet should RARELY be wet for over 8 hrs (homes) 4 hrs (commercial) far below the time it takes to cause any microbial growth or moisture damage.

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The best carpet cleaning method depends on:

  • The carpets exposure to sick or compromised people or animals
  • How dirty the carpet is...
  • What your maintenance frequency will be?
  • Are you cleaning for the health & appearance of the carpet?
  • What type of carpet is being cleaned. (commercial/residential)
  • The cleaners experience & training.
  • Use of quality ECO friendly, efficient & effective cleaning equipment and solutions.

There are four basic types of carpet cleaning methods/systems that most should be familiar with.

Best Carpet Cleaning Method
  1. Water Extraction Cleaning: Restorative- (truck mount and portable)
  2. Dry Compound Cleaning Methods (counter rotational brush and pile/lift vacuum)
  3. Low Moisture Cleaning Methods (orbital pad agitating / encapsulation)
  4. Shampoo/Foam Cleaning Methods ( pre-treatment, agitation)

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Want to know more about carpet cleaning methods and systems? Click this link.

Regardless of the system used:

  • Daily maintenance requires quick clean ups of spills using manufacturers approved spotters along with routine vacuuming.
  • Moderately soiled well maintained areas may need less aggressive cleaning processes. This is where dryer appearance cleaning systems like dry compound and encapsulation technology can work just fine. Here you apply cleaning compounds/encapsulants to the carpet, agitate them in, then remove them by vacuuming. This works if you did not let your carpet get badly soiled.
  • Heavily soiled carpet needs to be restored (restorative cleaning, deep cleaning, corrective cleaning)
    • Pre-treated spots and traffic area followed by a hot water extraction according to The Carpet and Rug Institute is the best for this. Based on the two largest carpet mills Shaw and Mohawk, industry testing and my experience I would have to agree.
    • Rinse/extract/deep clean the soil, unwanted residues and contaminates out.

* Note: Professional cleaners can control residual moisture, drying is a part of cleaning. Hire a professional and your carpet should never be wet for over 12 hrs far below the time it takes to cause any microbial growth.

*Note: Aggressive vacuuming or pile lifting to remove cleaning compounds may change texture and color vibrancy.