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We have over 30 years experience in restoring and protecting the appearance of your tile and grout!

Tile & Grout cleaning can be a difficult task if grease, oils, and soil have been allowed to build up over time. It takes specialized tools and cleaning solutions to remove. Often multiple steps are necessary and grout can be compromised, patched or painted over. All of this requires a trained eye to determine proper cleaning procedures.

When it comes to commercial tile & grout cleaning, Eco Interior Maintenance has over 30 years of experience. Grease, wax, and soil can build up over time and ugly out its original appearance. Different types of tiles and colors of grout are used requiring, many times, the need for test areas to be cleaned prior to the job.

Grout is porous and should be sealed after the installation is completed. If it has not, soil buildup from surface treatments, traffic and daily maintenance can cause permanent discoloration or physical damage.

  • Proper restoration of commercial tile & grout,
  • followed by sealing the grout,
  • followed by instituting the right maintenance (cleaning products and frequencies)

Keep your floor looking great for years by trusting ECO's tile & grout cleaning experts. Call 301-261-1966 or 410-647-2800 or email helpdesk@ecointeriormaintenance.com

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