Removing Pet Odor

Removing pet odor can be a tricky task to tackle. First of all, you do not often know where the odor is coming from. The accident may have happened months ago, but you just started smelling it yesterday. Humidity or water extraction cleaning carpet can sometimes intensify the smell. Secondly, you may not know what the source of the odor is. Third you may not know how much damage is under the surface.

Removing Pet Odor

How can I find the source of the Odor?
  • Use a black light (urine fluoresces)
  • Use your nose
  • Look for stains
  • Find what pet or person looks guilty

No matter if the urine is from a cat, dog, child, roommate or pet pig, treatment can vary. Urine residues should first be rinsed free as best as possible before treatment. If pet odor is if it is not completely removed either physically or by cleaning solutions the pet or other pets may add to the problem by marking their spot again.

Pet stores and some grocery stores carry a variety of different types of enzymatic cleaners. A good one is Natures Miracle. These type of cleaning agents work by breaking down the protein in urine and sometimes mask odor with a fragrance. Fragrances do not usually work but can be a temporary fix until the odor source is addressed. Sometimes it is tough to tell if the odor is gone if a strong masking agent is used.

Disinfectants are usually not very effective on pet odors. They may kill germs on hard surfaces but do not usually work well on urine in carpet. Using bleach is typically not recommended on any textile. Hydrogen peroxide odor cleaning products can be effective but still you need to have some professional training on how to use them. Many do-it -yourself articles recommend use baking soda and vinegar mixtures but then can make a big mess and usually do not remedy the odor issues.

Many times odors can penetrate into carpet padding and sub-floors (wood & concrete). Remove and replace contaminated pad. It is usually a cheaper, time saving path to follow.  Wood and concrete surfaces are very porous and tend to absorb moisture creating perfect environments for the multiplication of the bacteria that causes odor. If you can thoroughly clean and dry these hard surfaces many professionals will suggest sealing the wood or concrete after treatment.

There are also other types of products that work well on removing pet odor. These are typically associated with neutralizing malodors and can reactivate and continue working if moisture is reintroduced. Most of these type products require treatment of all surfaces that could have been contaminated, including the pad, wood & concrete floor subsurface or carpet/rug.  Professional products are available from industrial cleaning suppliers like Interlink Supply and require some training to use.


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