Removing Ink from Upholstery

A quick note on removing ink from upholstery from Sean Mooney, ECO’s Senior Account Manager.

Removing ink from upholstery can be difficult. There are many variables that exist that will either assist in its removal or make these stains more permanent. Often when a professional gets to the ink spot many people have already tried to remove it with various types of stain removers. This often spreads the ink, makes it more difficult to remove, or even can make it permanent .

Some of the factors that may help when removing ink are:

ink removal


  • The type of fabric it is.
  • Fabric protectors that have been applied before the spill. (ex. Teflon®, Scotchgard®)
  • If ink is printer toner…vacuum up first & do not apply water.
  • Spot clean from the outside of stain towards the center so you do not spread it.
  • When using solvents/spotting agents rinse immediately using an extraction machine.

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