How often should I clean my Upholstery

We are frequently asked, “How often should I clean upholstery?”. This is a great question. You disinfect and clean your sinks, bathrooms and counter tops weekly yet years may pass before your couch is cleaned properly. With all of the talk about germs, bacteria and indoor air quality issues that can arise from poor maintenance, upholstery somehow slips by undetected until it looks so dirty that you can not stand looking at it anymore.

  • Family room couch and upholstered furniture      –  Yearly
  • Dining room chairs, oversized chairs & ottomans –  Every other Year
  • Leather recondition & clean                                      –   Every other year
  • Basement furniture (dehumidify in summer)       –   Yearly depending on use

* Scotchguard® or teflon® treatments may help to protect from spills and soiling after cleaning

A good fried of mine, Dr. Bernazzani,  a long time cleaning & restoration professional did his thesis paper for his doctorate on 100 clean homes. A “clean home” was a home that had never had an issue with mold or water damage.

Each home owner was asked where they thought the highest bacterial count was in their house. Most answered their bathroom toilet or the kitchen sink. Fact is, these were some of the cleanest spots due to daily or weekly cleaning and disinfection practices.

Dr. Bernazzani did bacteria and mold collections tests in all of these areas including on the family room couch. What was the dirtiest? The family room couch was off the charts. Full of soil, mold and bacteria. Think about it! It is where you eat, nap when you are sick, plop down on after a workout or cuddle next to your dog or kids.  Upholstery gets dirty faster and stays dirty longer because you clean it less. It is kind of disgusting when you think about it.

So next time you are getting your carpets cleaned or are cleaning your foyer floors don’t forget to schedule a time to  your clean upholstery. Your upholstery and your family may be healthier for it.

** different types of upholstery fabrics may need professional care. DIY be careful of fine fabrics. Always follow cleaning label directions.


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