How much does it cost to clean commercial carpet?

Clean Commercial Carpet in Maryland

One time commercial carpet cleaning jobs are usually priced out by the amount of square feet that needs cleaning. There are a variety of different cleaning systems. Determining the type of cleaning system you should use is a matter of the cleaners or end users personal preference, the manufactures recommendations and the condition and location of the carpet. You determine the amount of square feet by doing one of the following:

  • Measuring with a laser pointer or counting ceiling tiles
  • Measuring with a rolling measuring devise
  • Taking specs off a blue print, schematic or cad (computer aided design) drawing.
  • Asking property management familiar with the facility

Some may ask office managers, leasing agents, general contractors or carpet installation contractors for the square footage. These people may or may not supply the correct numbers.  Double-checking the numbers in any case by confirming them with other available sources including your own measurements is recommended. Many times there is a difference between total square footage and the actual cleanable square footage.

There are many variables that are required to understand when supplying the price or quote to clean commercial carpet. Many believe that all quotes or proposals are priced out the same way, but this is far from accurate. This is how most look at it:

square feet (X) price per square foot = cleaner healthier carpet

Here are some of the things that go into determining the real cost it takes to clean commercial carpet:

  • Amount of carpet to be cleaned
  • Expectations –Objectives-History of Cleaning- Carpet Construction
  • Carpet Condition-Air Circulation- Frequency of Cleaning- Budget
  • Location of Carpet-Technician Experience- Green Cleaning- Unions
  • Saftey/Health- Carpet Selection & Use-Traffic- Utility/Water Location
  • Time of day/day of week- Type of Equipment- System or Method Used
  • Emergency service- Person that is Paying-Terms of Payment
  • Service Company Overhead – Integrity and Honesty – Cleaning Solution

So it is easy to see why prices vary so much. Every contractor has a lot to look at when pricing a job. Giving a person a price of .14 cents a square foot to clean commercial carpet on a job they have never seen is taking a big risk, even for a job that would fall under a minimum.

A professional Service Company paying for taxes, insurance, training expenses and travel of course could not clean a commercial carpet for less that $250 per visit even if it is only 500 sq/ft. It costs that much to send a crew, set up, clean the carpet, break down and fill out paperwork for 2 conference rooms. Quality companies will not just employ one carpet cleaning method like Hot Water Extraction, Encapsulation or Dry compounds. They will have access to a variety of cleaning systems to complete the job in the most efficient and effective manner. Sometimes combinations of cleaning procedures may be used.

So before you begin to search for the best price ask yourself what am I really trying to achieve, Clean carpet or a cheap price? You will usually get what you paid for. Look for cleaning companies that are IICRC, ICRA, RIA or CRI SOA Certified Firms whose technicians that have proof of certification. Here is a general guide to commercial carpet cleaning costs across the country for a one time cleaning of your commercial carpet of  5,000 sq/ft or over.






Great Lakes

South- East


Carpet(1 time)

.12-.17 sf

.12-.19 sf

.10-.15 sf


.12-.17 sf

.10-.15 sf


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