Flooring Problem

A flooring problem can be a big headache

If you purchased a new carpet, wood (manufactured wood) or vinyl floor for your home or business and have a flooring problem you may need some professional help. Consumers of all types of floor surfaces can have failures. There are multiple causes for failures and often they can be due to a combination of events. Warranties and installation grace periods can be vague and time sensitive. Installation guidelines may or may not have been followed. Typically you end up with everyone pointing a finger at someone else and all you want is it fixed. Flooring Problem

Often a flooring problem can be blamed on the consumer or end user. Here are a few things to consider in order to protect yourself from that happening. Make sure:Flooring Problem

  1.  the installation guidelines are followed. (Get a copy prior to installation & have someone observe the installation for short time, if possible.)
  2.  the carpet, wood or vinyl flooring is acclimated to the environment. (Office: delivery 24-48 hrs prior to the installation-Home: Stored in a conditioned warehouse prior to installation)
  3.  the sub-floor is debris free and flat prior to the installation. (Concrete should be tested by contractor prior to commercial installations in new buildings & all sub-floor imperfections should be leveled and repaired)
  4.  maintenance guidelines are followed to protect warranty. (A commercial maintenance plan should be instituted immediately. Homes should be cleaned at least every 12-18 months)
  5.  a floor problem with seams, curling edges, adhesive, possible manufacturing defects or installation is reported to the retailer as soon as possible. (within the first year max.)

Flooring problem can not always be avoided because sometimes they are manufacture related defects. It takes an expert usually to identify these issues and assist in getting them resolved. You may think the easiest thing to do is try to clean it out, cut it out or replace it. Get an expert opinion before you do anything. Hire an accredited inspector/cleaner/installer. Why waste any more time! Call a flooring Inspector/Repair expert today!

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