Today small businesses are dealing with a myriad of challenges. Some may call it “The Squeeze.” While insurance, gas, and the cost of doing business continually goes up corporate America dictates the profitability of small service businesses. The “take it or leave it” mentality began back after 9-11 and has continued ever since.

Small businesses must reinvent themselves to offer innovative solutions or else be squashed by the ever-increasing need for big business to lower cost and increase their shareholder or corporate profitability. So what is the best way for small service businesses to survive? Innovate or get rid of overhead.

Here is a picture of one of our competitors who has chosen his/her path.

Eventually unsatisfied end users, patients, tenants, or premature asset performance failures will dictate the need for quality over price once again. It is the circle of economic stability that we all must endure.

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