Cleaning Wood

There are many different types of wood. Cleaning wood involves knowing:

Cleaning Wood
Water Marking
  • the type of wood it is
  • is the wood manufactured or natural
  • who the mill or manufacture is
  • what finish(s) have been applied to the wood prior to cleaning

Damaged wood, scratches or water marked wood can be tricky to clean. Restorative cleaning procedures and repairs should be made prior to development of a cleaning maintenance plan when possible. Cleaning maintenance plans should include:

  • Proper cleaning frequencies for removal of foreign soils
  • proper use of neutral pH cleaning solution
  • avoidance of abrasive, harsh, high pH solutions
  • use of soft towels,mops and microfibers
  • understanding use of finial finish equipment and solutions

* Note: depending on finish and type of wood, indentations from high heels, deep scratches, heavy furniture or dropped items may require replacement of plank or sanding & refinishing procedures.


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