Cleaning Hotel Carpets

Cleaning hotel carpets can be challenging. Most often special cleaning processes need to be considered prior to attempting to improve their appearance. Too often, people who are not qualified or properly trained and try every spot cleaning product available. 95% of the time this approach will set a spot or stain making it permanent. At this time, repairing becomes costly.Cleaning Hotel Carpets

What is the difference between a spot and a stain?
  • A spill can quickly become a spot or a stain if not removed quickly.
  • A spot is typically foreign matter on the surface of a carpet fiber. Usually can be removed easily.
  • A stain is the addition of color to a carpet fiber. Usually in the form of a dye or pigment. More difficult to remove.
  • Color loss is the removal of color typically due to high pH chemicals, oxidizers, reducers (bleach) or acids. Cleaning Hotel Carpets -Stain

“Making smart carpet care decisions right after you take over the management or install new carpet in a luxury hotel, convention center, motel or boutique hotel is very important. At a minimum, carpet maintenance personnel should be trained by a carpet maintenance specialist to follow manufactures maintenance guidelines and should have access or be provided with the proper cleaning solutions and equipment to do their job properly. ” See suggestions from the Carpet & Rug Institute.

What type of carpet is being cleaned?Cleaning Hotel Carpets- Ballroom
  • Woven Wool Carpet (Administers) – Natural fibers
  • Nylon, Olefin or Polyester Carpet – Synthetic Fibers
  • Broadloom or Carpet Tiles – Different Backing systems
  • Inlays or Area Rugs – surrounded by other flooring surfaces
What areas are you cleaning?
  • Guest rooms & Suites
  • Hallways, Lobbies & Dining rooms (Restaurants)
  • Meeting rooms, Ballrooms & Convention areas
What does cleaning hotel carpets the right way cost?

The cost of cleaning hotel carpets the right way will include a carefully designed maintenance plan that takes into consideration:

  • LEED-eco-friendly equipment & cleaning solutions
  • square footage of carpet being cleaned
  • location of the carpet
  • turn around for rooms (drying times necessary)
  • type of carpet and installation (stretch in, glue down or double stick)
  • frequency of cleaning and
  • the carpet cleaning procedures necessary to do get the job done right.

Typically this can be between 12-20 cents (DC-Baltimore-N.Virginia) a square foot but this rough estimate varies across the nation. Per guest room costs can vary… but typically without moving furniture you can be anywhere from $25-$60 per average room with 2 queens, a couch, desk and bathroom. Budget appropriate funds if you intend to get the expected use life from your investment in floor coverings!

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