Cleaning Commercial Floors, Carpet and Upholstery

Cleaning commercial floors, carpet and upholstery are all services that require professional expertise.

Whether it is stone, wood, carpet or textile covered office furnishings these detail cleaning procedures need to be done correctly the first time. Many things can be effected by skipping an important procedure just to cut the cost or get it done quicker.Cleaning commercial floors

Often, people who are not qualified or trained properly to perform the work try to quickly fix commercial maintenance problems without implementing the correct procedures, equipment or cleaning solutions. This can cost the building owner, GM, GC, office coordinator or facility manager big dollars. Outsourcing or hiring trained professionals to take care of detailed cleaning makes sense when the in house staff neither has the time or equipment to get it done efficiently & effectively.

Cleaning Conmmercial Floors

These are daily commercial floor & upholstery cleaning challenges;

  • Irreversible damage to floors and furnishings due to poor maintenance
  • Wasted money trying to re-clean or fix maintenance mess ups
  • Improper product specification for use
  • Cleaning frequency that does not meet traffic load or use
  • No maintenance plan until it looks dirty (damage already done)
  • Just do not have the budget to clean properly
  • Take the cheapest bid to save money

Cleaning is too important!. Proper cleaning procedures, solutions and equipment: Cleaning Commercial Floors

  • Remove unwanted contaminates.
  • Makes the building healthier.
  • Saves replacement dollars
  • Extends use life of all flooring,textiles and equipment in building
  • Enhances work environment/production levels

Tips for choosing the right cleaning contractor:

  • References, references, references
  • Is contractor recommended by the manufactures of products they maintain
  • Is vendor involved in the industry associations
  • Does the bid/proposal describe cleaning procedures in detail
  • Is prompt, professional, courteous & timely service provided from the start

Cleaning Commercial FloorsCleaning Commercial    Cleaning Commercial Floors Get it right the first time!

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Cleaning Commercial Floors


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