Clean Schools

What is more important than demanding clean schools?

How much time do you, your children or your love ones spend in classrooms, day cares, or universities? This is where most of us have spent big money in taxes or tuition to build our intellect and social being. Children have no choice when it comes down to facility cleanliness. Clean schools is of utmost importance.

20160602_164147Fortunately today we have cleaning scientists from groups like CIRI (Cleaning Industry Research Institute) and the EPA spending time and money on surface cleanliness & contamination and it consequences.

The EPA’s  has Seven Technical Solutions that define the most common issues that schools need to address to effectively manage IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) risks. (EPA pdf click here)

ECO Interior Maintenance understands the importance here and has been involved for many years in various industry studies. If proper funds are not allocated to cleaning & maintenance our children and students are effected. Cutting out or reducing proper cleaning and maintenance negatively effects everything in the school

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So if you are interested in Creating Healthier Indoor Environments for children in our schools, day care centers, universities or even at home here is how the EPA can help guide you. Once you have looked this over, call us and we can help you implement practices, procedures and systems to help keep your floor coverings and furniture healthy and clean. Clean, Disinfect and Protect using eco friendly effective strategies.


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