Choosing the right Commercial Carpet

Making a decision on what type or whose carpet to buy is difficult. With many manufacturers pushing their latest and greatest choosing the right commercial carpet or flooring is many times left up to an interior design firm. Designers may be great with color schemes, suggestions for eco friendly furnishings, office layout and aesthetic appeal but when it comes down to functionality, ease & cost of maintenance and use life this may be best left to an experienced building maintenance consultant.choosing the right commercial carpet

Eco Interior Maintenance has built a reputation taking care of all types of interior furnishings and floor coverings. Each usually have their own set of manufacturers recommended maintenance guidelines or cleaning specifications. If these are not followed…Ops.. there goes the warranty. This can be an expensive lesson to learn for any facilities director, building owner or office/general manager.

Here is a great resource to review if you intend to buy commercial carpet soon. Even if you have a design firm or product specifier, know what questions to ask before you sign on the dotted line. This news letter was written by a friend of mine Lew Migliore who owns LGM Enterprises in Dalton GA. He is one of the leading forensic flooring problem solving/inspectors in the county. Upload this report to learn more or call us here at Eco Interior Maintenance.


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