Choosing the Right Carpet

Many of our customers are confused when it comes down to replacing carpet…

Choosing the right carpet for your home or commercial facility is no easy task for the average consumer. After spending almost 3 decades cleaning the fuzzy stuff I can certainly give you some pointers. It is easy to get some bad or misleading information by carpet sales people, wholesalers or marketing propaganda. You may not know until months after the installation if you made the right choice.

Be wary of believing everything you hear, see or read when it comes to picking your carpet. After all, do interior decorators or retail sales people get to install and use each product. No!!  They have to rely on marketing material, videos, the manufacture’s testing and peer recommendations. So it is very important to know how the manufacturer, retailer or installer will stand behind the product they specify or choose for you.


Here are a couple of things you should know before you pull the trigger and purchase:

  1. How often do I have to clean? Anyone who says that you do not have to clean it often is not giving you a straight answer. There are many variables associated here. (How many people in home, pets, traffic areas, climate, color, style, etc.)
  2. Clean at least every 18 months just for the health of your indoor environment. Cleaning does not shorten the life of carpet when done professionally.
  3. Is the carpet style you like easier or harder to clean than others? Shag(see picture) vs. cut pile
  4. Who will be installing my carpet? Retail company or a subcontractor? A bad installation may be a headache for you later.
  5. Any light solid color carpet will show spots and stains easier. (May look great new, but most likely will need to be cleaned more often)
  6. Choose style to fit your needs. Patterns, cut and loop styles, higher densities and level loops may help to hide soil between cleanings. (This link provides you with some of Shaw Industries carpet selections.)
  7. Stain protection or pet stain protection does not mean you will not have odors or stains if left untreated.
  8. Carpet density will help if you do not want to see footprints or traffic lanes. Higher density carpets are usually more expensive. Higher density means there are more carpet tufts per square inch helping to maintain resiliency (carpet tufts that spring back /do not lay on their side or mat down).
  9. Different types of fibers have different types of characteristics. How does each fiber perform? See links below.
  10. Natural and Synthetic fibers need to be cleaned using different cleaning solutions. Know what you are buying. Especially if you plan to clean it yourself!
  11. What are the manufacturers warranties, retail store warranties and installation warranties. Many stores now offer performance satisfaction guarantees or they will replace the carpet within a certain period of time. (most carpet issues appear in the first year).

HOME: Here is a great link for basic things you should know before you spend hard earned dollars on carpet for your home by the World Floor Covering Association.

COMMERCIAL: Here is another couple great links for commercial specification of carpet from the Carpet and Rug Institute and Lew Migliore at LMG & Assoc. in Dalton GA.


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