Odor Removal

Odor Removal is not always easy!

Odor removal issues in a home or commercial building get there by accident most of the time. Typically odors get more pronounced over time and their source is not easily found. Most odors effect people in different ways. Some allergic reactions can be caused by odors. Sometimes the use of a black light can help detect problem areas.

Many odor removal products are available. Just one product does not remove everything that smells. Many companies may use different types of scents to cover up, encapsulate or mask odors. Typically this is only a temporary fix. So just how do you remove odor from carpet, walls, sub-floors and basements?

First, it is important to know the source of the odor problem.

  • pet urineOdor Removal
  • water damage/mold /mildew
  • smoking/fire
  • food/dairy
  • garbage chutes
  • sewage overflows
  • bio-hazard clean-ups
  • bacteria

Some odors can be easily removed using a good cleaning agent and extraction methods. Others bond to surfaces, get embedded into textiles or penetrate porous substrates. Treatments for odor include, but are not limited to:

  • enzymes
  • fragrances
  • probiotics
  • ozone
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • premium surfectants
  • sealants

Odors can get worse if not treated correctly. Adding moisture can create larger biofilm's that enhance microbial growth. It is always important to dry treated areas quickly.

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