Carpet Maintenance Program

The IICRC S100 Reference Guide for Professional Cleaning of Textile Flooring contains a chart that describes how to develop a carpet maintenance program.

Doug Bradford, one of the founders of Eco Interior Maintenance spend 9 years of his career developing much of its content along with hundreds of other volunteers. Purchase the whole reference guide and standard from

Let ECO design your carpet maintenance program. We have spent 30 + years working with:Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 4.45.40 PM

  • carpet manufacturers
  • corporations
  • theme parks
  • hotels
  • and facility managers

We can save you money and time by getting your commercial carpet cleaning program started correctly the first time. Preserving your warranty and extending  the carpets use-life just makes sense.

ECO prides itself in "partnering up" with our clients to meet budgeting and appearance needs. Whether your carpet is old or new you can trust us to design the right carpet maintenance program for you.


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CRI (The Carpet & Rug Institute) Commercial Maintenance Guidelines

An Eco Interior Maintenance carpet maintenance program is developed and designed to meet your specific needs. We provide a personalized and customized package because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all service. Each customer is unique and special! Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 2.07.22 PMWe helped write the CRI Commercial Carpet Maintenance Guidelines. Please take a look for more information or just call us!

Our three step carpet maintenance program is simple but thorough, developed with your needs in mind. Based on our customer experience, this program addresses all the possible concerns of customers looking for a truly reliable and professional carpet cleaner.

Step 1

Walk-Off Mats - Walk-off mats collect soil before it enters the building. Mats should be long enough - at least 4 steps across. Advice: vacuum daily, clean frequently, and change often.
Designated Eating, Drinking and Smoking areas - By designating areas for eating, drinking and smoking, the problems of soiling and staining are minimized.
Regular and Thorough Vacuuming – this is a vital part of any
preventive maintenance procedure. Immediate and proper vacuuming removes soil so it does not spread to other carpeted areas.

Step 2 - Management of Carpet Appearance

Maintenance Program - Extend the life of your carpet with a thorough maintenance program that will ward off known “spoilers”: dirt, pollution, grease, and stains!

Cleaning Frequency - Don’t wait until your carpets show signs of wear and tear. Our planned maintenance programs put a stop to carpet wear-out and premature carpet replacement.

Step 3 - Planned and Scheduled Programs

Vacuuming - A well-planned and consistent vacuuming schedule is indispensable to any carpet maintenance program. Vacuuming frequency should be based on high, medium and low traffic areas.
Spots and Stains - Daily and monthly spotting programs are needed to maintain the overall general appearance of your carpets. ECOInterior Maintenance has spotting kits for daily use by staff or janitorial crews.
Carpet Cleaning - low moisture carpet cleaning procedures will be used at regular scheduled intervals. The frequency will depend on traffic and soiling levels. Restorative cleaning will also be programmed to deep-clean the carpet with water extraction techniques as necessary.